Whither Zimbabwe?

Now it is clear why Zanu PF did not have an election manifesto as family and clan considerations took precedence over the national purpose for Cabinet ministers.
By Trevor Ncube 10h ago

Diasporas plot ED ambush at UN

CCC chairperson for the North American province Tawanda Dzvokora confirmed to NewsDay yesterday that the protests are on tomorrow.
By Sharon Buwerimwe and Kenneth Nyangani and Silas Nkala Sep. 20, 2023

Maiko bounces back as ChiTown mayor

 In his acceptance speech, Maiko said he would prioritise residents before anything else.
By Tafadzwa Kachiko Sep. 19, 2023

BCC committee chairpersons elected

He revived the education sector at the time to a point where pupils had a one to one ratio with textbooks.
By Silas Nkala Sep. 18, 2023

Zanu PF seeks to reverse CCC poll wins

Mukwangwariwa submitted that he premised his petition on electoral irregularity that occurred on the day of voting on August 23.
By Desmond Chingarande and Problem Masau Sep. 18, 2023

Harare deputy mayor freed on bail

The court heard that Kadzombe took advantage of the situation and grabbed Musaengana by the neck.
By Trevor Mutsvairo Sep. 17, 2023

CCC defends Coltart, Mabutho election

He was recalled by Mwonzora, but continued to work in the same ward leading to the CCC garnering impressive votes in the August elections.
By Silas Nkala Sep. 17, 2023

Mnangangwa’s cabinet met with scorn in Matabeleland

There is one minister from Bulawayo, while Matabeleland North and South have two each.
By Silas Nkala Sep. 17, 2023

Coltart, Byo council’s very long to do list

Several councillors have been elected to lead the development agenda and the scorecard has returned with the marks recording total failure after each of the city fathers.
By Emmanuel Mpofu and Margaret Lubinda Sep. 17, 2023