China pushes its hegemonic proposals on international stage

This recently released “reform and development of global governance” proposal emphasizes how Xi has moved from idea to action, from vision to reality.
By Ani News Sep. 26, 2023

Public relations: ‘What the heck goes on in the head of an event planner?’

The event planner's job is to rearrange these building blocks in such a way that they fit perfectly together, creating an unforgettable experience for all involved.
By Lenox Mhlanga Jul. 30, 2023

Developing countries can choose to be cheerleaders or active players amid geopolitical changes

Whatever choices developing countries make today, the aftermath, scenario once the current changes reach their crescendo, they will render irrelevant the historical excuses such as the slave trade
By Tapiwa Gomo Jul. 3, 2023