Nedbank wins big at women’s awards

Nedbank Zimbabwe’s business information security officer Audrey Udzembwe took home the Information Security Officer of The Year Award.
By Belinda Chiroodza 13h ago

Short-term insurers see rise in forex business

The Zimdollar was in April replaced by Zimbabwe Gold, a currency backed by gold and forex reserves.
By Melody Chikono 13h ago

Mutapa announces ESG board committee

The awards were organised by the Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (IODZ) and held under the theme, Celebrating Leadership Excellence.
By Belinda Chiroodza 13h ago

EditorialComment: Govt not serious about fighting graft

Since the era of Robert Mugabe’s regime, the OAG has religiously released reports showing leakages in government departments that often point to criminal intent.
By The Standard Jul. 14, 2024

How the international financial system exports extinction to DRC

In 2008, for example, the DRC gave two Chinese companies exclusive rights until 2030 to mine and export 10 million megatons of copper and 600,000 megatons of cobalt.
By Tova Gasterjuly Jul. 12, 2024

Ncube’s plot to destroy tech start-ups

The uncertainty created by government’s delays in giving guidelines is counterproductive.
By Shame Makoshori Jul. 12, 2024

Significance of ESG principles for sustainable development

While the adoption of ESG principles presents numerous benefits, there are also challenges that companies in Zimbabwe and Sub-Saharan Africa are facing:
By Gloria Ndoro-mkombachoto Jul. 12, 2024

Have a strategy, Josh Meck advises aspiring artistes

Meck said making music was one of his tasks and he treated it with courtesy just as one treats their job.
By Blessed Ndlovu Jul. 12, 2024

ZB group faces split

It was common knowledge, Vingirai added, that ZBFH’s has, since 2014, made numerous attempts to merge Intermarket Building Society and ZB Bank.
By Melody Chikono Jul. 11, 2024