AMA urges farmers to pay livestock levy

The levy is payable by those in the business of production of chicks, buying of raw milk and slaughtering of beef cattle.
By Farming Reporter Jun. 27, 2024

Govt calls for investment in agric sector

Most livelihoods are directly dependent on agriculture. The performance of the agricultural sector dictates how the rest of other economic sectors perform.
By Freeman Makopa May. 26, 2023

How the economy performed in Q1

The agricultural sector is poised for recovery owing to the normal to above normal rainfall expected in the current season.
By The Zimbabwe Independent Apr. 14, 2023

Feature: Zim farm labourers bemoan harsh working conditions

This left mostly white commercial farmers in full control of the majority of the country’s prime farmland, but there was no change of fortunes for farm labourers.
By Aljazeera Feb. 22, 2023

Why Zim persistently ranks high on inflation

In the SADC region, Harare has largely been a pace setter on high inflation since 2018.
By Victor Bhoroma Jan. 20, 2023

Agric extension workers incapacitated, overstretched

The government also embarked on in-house training programmes to upgrade extension officers’ skills and knowledge.
By Mirriam Mangwaya Nov. 10, 2022

Urgent need to rebuild Zim agric

We need to rebuild agriculture from the ground upwards. First, farmers have to have bankable security of tenure.
By Eddie Cross Nov. 8, 2022