The Cook Along garners global attention for local producer

In an interview with Standard Style, Chisango said the reception has been good with notable reviews and opportunities.

ZIMBABWEAN producer Monalisa Chisango, based in South Africa, has expressed her excitement about the global reach and opportunities generated by her latest reality show, The Cook Along.

This follows the success of her previous production, The Real Housewives of Durban, which broke Showmax records in 2021.

The Cook Along takes viewers on a culinary journey through South Africa, showcasing the diverse and vibrant food scene. The show features a talented team, including Patrick Seleka as host, creators Winnie Serite and Wesley Masilo Makgamatha, executive producers Winnie Serite and Wesley Masilo Makgamatha, series producer Monalisa Mupambawashe-Chisango, series director Wesley Masilo Makgamatha, and DOP Nico Nyoni.

 With its engaging format and focus on South African cuisine, The Cook Along has attracted a global audience and created new opportunities for Chisango and her team. This success further solidifies Chisango's position as a leading producer of reality television content in South Africa.

In an interview with Standard Style, Chisango said the reception has been good with notable reviews and opportunities.

“I remember the day we launched on Netflix and chatting to our executive producer and series director Wesley, we were worried about how we had no time to market the show, but within 24 hours the show was trending in South Africa and later globally.

“We were overwhelmed by the responses and reviews we received across the globe. We have plenty of reviews from the viewers and this has opened us to a global audience, and more opportunities have come our way and we are forever grateful for this. Next month we officially mark a year of the series being on Netflix,” she said.

She said they overcame a lot of challenges during the production as they halted production of the show when Covid-19 hit in March 2020 saying there was so much uncertainty at that time and they immediately got into post production.

“Our greatest challenge was producing a series during Covid-19 and we learnt that despite any challenges or obstacles that come your way you must continue moving because giving up is never an option.

“The Cook Along was a self-funded project by Peu Communications and we are grateful especially to our Executive Producer Winnie Serite for believing in the vision and running it together with Wesley Masilo Makagmatha,”she added.


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