Building Narratives: Nyandoro writes to inspire

Nyandoro says the politics or economic situation of the day is never an excuse for people to procrastinate on making essential life decisions which can transform their lives.

PERSONAL development and inspirational author Misheck Prosivy Nyandoro says people should not procrastinate to act and execute on transforming their lives despite their harsh circumstances and is adamant that his mission is to educate people so that they take full charge of their lives.

In his debut inspirational piece titled Revolutionise Your Life–The no-luck-principles for transforming your life in extraordinary ways which he self-published last year, Nyandoro says the politics or economic situation of the day is never an excuse for people to procrastinate on making essential life decisions which can transform their lives.

The teacher-cum-humanitarian worker and personal development champion says his book is based on his own life’s experience emanating from situations and encounters which threatened to crush him.

In the text, Nyandoro use the word “revolutionise” as a wake-up call for transformation for those who are determined to transform their lives.

He says having grown up in a polygamous family was no easy walk as he had to deal with fear, rejection and discouragement–factors which would in later years inspire him to pen his first literary piece.

“I will also not hide the fact that my father had many wives. Amongst all his wives, basing on how she was treated and what my siblings and I saw at the time, my mother was the least loved or should I say most hated. She was also the most rejected and severely abused. The pain that was inflicted on my mother day and night traumatised me a lot. Our father neglected us but still from time to time he would forcibly take us when he needed labourers in the fields of his other wives. At the age of 15, I developed backache caused by labouring in the fields–(pp.33)”

In his foreword, attorney, author and speaker Arthur Marara described Nyandoro as a man of action who was rising to the occasion to help transform the world through addressing issues which the world is facing today.

Marara added that the book was for all progress-minded and success-oriented people seeking to transform their lives in extraordinary ways.

In the book’s primer, Nyandoro cites Carol Wogrin, a clinical psychologist from the United States of America as having been of a great inspiration which propelled him to write his piece through her daring questions to her audience in which she dared anyone to defy their circumstances and emerge beyond the bleak limits of their backgrounds.

“Trust me, that was an eye-opening question. As I reflect on it now, it is that question which created a huge turning point in my life. Because of that question, I quickly realized that I had some uniquely life-transforming experiences that I never really studied and treasured. I also realised I had a story that I could share out there so that anyone who finds themselves in similar difficult situations can, as a starting point, learn from my story” (pp.2).

Nyandoro added: “by sharing the life-transformative principles in this book, I wish to give my humble contribution to the betterment of humanity. I believe that other people going through what I went through shouldn’t suffer in trial-and-error exercises like I did. I simply have to share with them what I found useful so that they can try it out.”

He also focused on many personal development related aspects such as time management and argues that “time and chance happen to all the people under the sun and how we all have the same amount of time and perhaps opportunities at our disposal and how it is possible to achieve all that in our lives.

In other chapters, the author explores matters related to cultivating personal relationships, managing ideas and managing personal finances through taking caution on spending habits and effective budgeting techniques.

The text chronicles Nyandoro’s detailed life events and unravels an exude of otherwise hidden realities in most of our lives, a sizzling, heart pounding, beautiful rendition of his life experiences and is a manual for success in every area of one’s life.

l Fungayi Antony Sox works at TisuMazwi – a public relations and communication-centred social enterprise specialising in books, brands, education and storytelling projects. He writes in his personal capacity. For feedback contact him on 0776 030 949, connect with him on LinkedIn on Fungayi Antony Sox, or follow him on Twitter @AntonySox.



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