Letter to my People: Propaganda can’t mask the disastrous leadership

In the article last week, it listed Ngwena’s so-called achievements since his inauguration on November 24, 2017.

My Dear People

I had a good laugh while reading one of the state rags, which must have taken the biggest pair of rose-tinted spectacles to sing praises of Ngwena’s performance since being catapulted into power through guns and tanks and then subsequently by sham elections that failed even to meet the Sadc basic benchmarks in conducting polls. 

In the article last week, it listed Ngwena’s so-called achievements since his inauguration on November 24, 2017.

It even shamelessly gave credit to projects that were initiated by Gushungo such as the rehabilitation of the Harare International Airport and the installation of units 7 and 8 in Hwange to boost power generation.

What really got me into gales of laughter was the temerity to call Scarfmore a “knight in shining armor’, which is in stark contrast to the octogenarian leader’s dreadful reign that has caused untold poverty and misery.


 When he secured his first term in the 2018 election, soldiers killed half a dozen people and injured scores of others during a protest over the delay in the announcement of those results, which prompted global outrage.

Ngwena then set up a commission, which recommended that those behind the killings and injuries must be brought to book and that those who were affected by the soldiers’ actions be compensated.

Six years on, the recommendations remain gathering dust somewhere after being ignored by the Lacoste cabal.

The following year, a dozen more people were killed by soldiers during a protest over a 150% hike in the price of fuel. Citizens suffered indiscriminate beatings at the hands of the security forces and there were reports of women being raped.

 His disastrous reign has also been characterised by scorched earth policies such as the introduction of the Zimbabwe dollar as the sole legal tender in June 2019, banning of the multicurrency regime that spawned stratospheric levels of inflation surpassing the 800 % mark.

This resulted in the confused cabal scurrying back to the multi-currency regime it has since extended to 2030.

The local unit has continuously depreciated since and this has resulted in the erosion of incomes and pensions amid the skyrocketing of prices. 

Under Scarfmore, the democratic space has shrunk with legitimate protesters being savagely beaten or arrested.

 Opposition party leader Job Sikhala has spent more than 500 days in a maximum prison without trial. 

Ngwena's regime reign has been riddled with nepotism as shown by the appointment of his son and nephew to key government positions not to mention the constitutional blunders by the bungling leader who we are told is a qualified lawyer.

 Since Scarfmore took over, the country has been subjected to unprecedented power outages of up to 18 hours daily.

 To fully catalogue Scarfmore’s failures in just six years of leadership would require me, your good doctor, to write a book which I might just do kkkkkk.

The state media were also beside themselves with excitement with revelation by a United Kingdom think tank, World Economics, which claimed that the country’s GDP will reach US$66 billion this year as well as information by the Zimbabwe Investment Development Agency (Zida) that the country had secured investments worth US$8 billion. 

I was even swept away briefly by this euphoria. I should have known better.

The projection by the think tank on the country’s GDP, however, came with a warning that this projection could be highly misleading given the penchant by the Scarfmore regime to fiddle with figures in an attempt to hide the extent of its catastrophic incompetence in running the economy.

 The state media, of course, did not reveal this piece of vital information. 

My euphoria was further dampened when the Zida boss Tafadzwa Chinamo said the US$8 billion investments he was referring to were just commitments and not actual money that had flowed into the county.

 On reflection, which serious investor would come to pour in their money with such a corrupt regime that is well known for its inconsistent policies and changing goalposts on the drop of a coin?

So there was nothing to be really excited about after all.

It never rains, but pours for the beleaguered MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora whose party has finally had enough of his inept leadership.

That party members locked out the bespectacled fellow from the MDC-T offices is an indication of the levels of exasperation at his failed leadership that has resulted in the party failing to garner a single seat in last year’s by elections as well as the polls held this year in which they failed to pay for the participation of most canidates.

 It is easy to see why the party wants to get short of Mwonzora whose levels of delusions border on madness as proved by his astonishing claim that most of the more than two million registered voters who did not go and cast their vote at this year’s polls were his supporters.


The sooner the party gets rid of this imbecile the better.


Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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