St Ignatius College Golf Day: Swinging for a Drug-Free Future

To promote a healthy and drug-free lifestyle, St Ignatius College held an Anti-Drugs Golf Day at The Country Club last Friday

To promote a healthy and drug-free lifestyle, St Ignatius College held an Anti-Drugs Golf Day at The Country Club last Friday. This event was aimed at bringing together parents, alumni, corporates, and community members for a day of friendly golf competition as we unite in the fight against scourge of drug and substance abuse that has severely impacted the nation.

The event therefore combined the competitive spirit of golf with the important message of staying away from drugs, resonating strongly with both participants and attendees alike.

The tournament itself was a showcase of skill, togetherness, and determination as participants competed against each other in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere, displaying impressive golfing prowess and sportsmanship throughout the day. The event also attracted the support of corporate sponsors such as NMB Bank, who were the main sponsors, JAC Motors Zimbabwe, SATIB Insurance Brokers, AMH Holdings, Proton Bakery, Delta Beverages, Lobels and Lake Harvest who generously sponsored prizes and donated towards the cause.

Beyond the golf course, the Anti-Drugs Golf Day featured SAY WHAT, a membership-based public health social movement organization aimed at fostering the development of a youthful, empowered, healthy generation of young people in Africa. SAY WHAT had an interactive stand where they further engaged attendees, spreading awareness on the dangers of drug and substance abuse. This allowed participants the opportunity to deepen their understanding of drug prevention while having fun with their peers.

Speaking at the event prize-giving ceremony, the Rector of the College, Fr Daka SJ, commended the sponsors and participants for coming together to support such a noble cause.

“I would like to thank our main sponsor NMB, and all those who came through to support our Anti-Drugs Golf Day. The issue of Drugs and substance abuse has been largely affecting our communities as a whole and therefore we appreciate your effort in raising awareness on this matter,” he said.

As the event drew to a close, participants left with more than just memories of a day filled with golf and camaraderie. By leveraging the popularity of golf and coupling it with a powerful message, our school demonstrated its commitment to creating a safe and drug-free environment for all. The Anti-Drugs Golf Day served as a reminder that together, we can make a difference in the fight against drug abuse, one swing at a time.

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