Leaders … Let’s think about our thinking


ANYTHING great begins with a thought. Impactful leaders are great thinkers. They not only think, but they are always on a quest to think strategically and deliver solutions and even unleash unending possibilities.  The mind is the greatest God-given resource that we have as leaders and the fast-changing world we are living in has shaken a lot of paradigms and is forcing us to change our thinking and harness the power of the mind.

I am delighted to take you on this journey of leadership mind shifting. It will require us to discard old mindsets and adopt new ones.  We must become true legacy-building leaders who nurture the next generation. We need to take on a multi-generational thinking mindset shift. Part of us achieving this is for us to embrace that what used to work may not necessarily work now.

As leaders, we should be excited when we are faced with or surrounded by limitations because this gives way to creativity. I discovered that having been made by the creator every person has the innate ability to be creative.  It is the nature of God our creator. Every person has a level of creativity. We were socialised into believing that there are creative people and there are those that are not. Creative people were associated with the arts and culture.

As leaders, there is a major mindset shift that we should embrace right there. There is a huge demand for creativity in our various sectors and our teams should be given the space to use their creativity in generating solutions and in problem-solving.

A transformed mindset and a willingness to accept various mindset shifts are critical for the development of leaders at any level and to produce tangible results.

Let us start with our thinking as leaders. Let us think about thinking for a moment:

Be intentional about thinking

You must create a time and place for it. I remember visiting the head office of a principal company I worked with in South Africa seven years ago.

They were and are still experiencing exponential growth in the market due to highly innovative technologies in their product offering.  When I inquired about the reason behind their success, I was informed that part of the reason was that they had a Think Room in their organisation; a room specifically dedicated to thinking and coming up with creative ideas.

I was amazed. We continued our tour of their offices. When we got to the Think Room, I just knew it had to be it. It was a brightly coloured room (but not brightly coloured in a disturbing way) with very little furniture and that was it.

I looked around for special gadgets, a wise-looking old man humming and chanting but no……when you walked in through the door it was like stepping into another world. You could hear a pin drop.

There was complete silence but when you walked in, positive energy and feelings of inspiration were invoked.

Be consistent at thinking

This means eliminating excuses and distractions. As leaders, we know what it means to be overwhelmed — to have more problems or possibilities than you know how to handle. Our mindset towards this should be — this is normal, and consistent thinking is the best antidote. Nothing combats too many ideas like focusing on one or two, just like nothing destroys a creative block like jotting down as many ideas as possible. Do this consistently until it becomes part of you.

Trailblazer thinking

Blaze a new trail. Be uncomfortable with the ordinary. Live in the extraordinary. Dare to dream. Dare to go where no one else has gone. Dare to do what no one else has done. Create a new order and pattern. Be excited about breaking limits and limitations.

Strategic thinking

Strategic thinkers can simplify the difficulty, prepare for uncertainties and reduce the margin of errors — all because they have a plan. Strategic thinking makes you a great planner, which is how you move easily from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

Focused thinking

Shut out distractions and interruptions. When you take a highly focussed approach in your thinking, it brings clarity, targets can be generated, and ultimately positive results follow.

Collaborative thinking

Be willing to listen to what other people have to say. This, if harnessed effectively, can help us in expanding our own ideas. Develop a liking for hearing what others have to say. Don’t feel insecure about it. There will be a great return.

Reflective thinking

Take a 360-degree approach to viewing issues. Take a step back, and make sure you are in full view. Engage empathy and compassion where they are needed. Make sure you understand before you respond and think before you act.

I encourage you to google and watch how the Palm Jumeirah was built in Dubai. Absolutely phenomenal! This is a clear demonstration of the power of the mind and what it can achieve. 

With our vast areas of land in Zimbabwe, we can create our own “Dubai,” here where we won’t have to travel to Cape Town, Seychelles, or the Bahamas to take that early morning walk on the beach.

Thank-you for taking the time to walk this journey. Have a mind-shifting weekend and weeks ahead.

  • Mhoya is a certified leadership coach with 25 years’ experience serving in various sectors locally and internationally. She is the country mission director for Legacy Building Leaders, Leadership Coaching Community, www.lblafrica.com, and writes in her personal capacity.  — [email protected] or +263 774 958 214.


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