Zim students excel at African Leadership University

He described the students as a new generation of critical thinkers and innovators.
By Own Correspondent 19h ago

Youth demand 50% quota on Govt

WALPE called for a policy that guarantees at least half of all public leadership and decision-making positions to be held by young people.
By Gary Gerald Mtombeni Jul. 11, 2024

Women should participate in politics: Mutsvangwa

Mutsvangwa made the remarks during a high-level dialogue meeting conducted by the ministry, Bulawayo metropolitan provincial leadership and women
By Daniel Moyo Apr. 29, 2024

Let’s build leaders

It is easy for people to excel when they know that they have 100% of your support as a leader.
By Jonah Nyoni Apr. 27, 2024

Chiefs terrorising subjects: Report

In its latest report titled Traditional Leaders in Zimbabwe Balancing Culture, Development and Democracy, HZT said chiefs were deviating from their mandate.
By Problem Masau Apr. 25, 2024

Civic leadership, activism in the age of rising authoritarianism

In the age of rising authoritarianism and a total disregard for the eternal values of love and justice, we are all activists.
By Dzikamai Bere Apr. 19, 2024

Mental health: Servant leadership, workplace mental wellbeing

Servant leadership has been found to influence the work environment positively and supports mental wellbeing in the workplace.
By Chido Rwafa-madzvamutse Mar. 31, 2024

Why strategy review is important

The leader is there to think and harvest the thoughts from people they work with. Leaders are there to make change.
By Jonah Nyoni Mar. 16, 2024

Please groom new leaders!

We desire mentorship and grooming and not domination. A leadership that does not produce other leaders is a genetically modified leadership (GMO) that cannot produce seeds.
By Rashweat Mukundu Mar. 15, 2024