Live the dream in 2023

the dream in 2023.

AS the year comes to an end, what does your life look like? Is it what you imagined? Our lives are built around our thoughts, effort, belief, and performance.

Yes, at times we might be disrupted by things we don’t have control over — so, why not focus on what we can control? For example our thoughts, attitude, feelings, actions and that for which the results are driven by our choices.

Your limitations in the mind

Many people have self-inflicted limitations. I have the honour of coaching people one-on-one, and I find that some people are not stopped by external factors. They think external factors are a problem, while in reality they are the problem. It’s easy to blame our problems, while internal blinkers.


Most people run away from reality and their shortcomings. They don’t want to face their hurdles head-on and always seem to find a way of escaping.

Don’t run away from life. Someone might be wondering: “How have I been running away from life?” Well by burying their lives in addictions — alcohol, drugs, pleasures and entertainment.

Impossible is just a big word

The human mind is imaginably big. Eric Thomas noted, “The word impossible is just a big word with a small meaning.”

Imagine how would you feel when you are dead, and someone comes to you and tells you that what limited you was nothing, but your mind? Most of our impossibilities exist in the mind.

Vusi Thembekwayo (2017) wrote: “How many times have you heard someone say: ‘That’s impossible?’ What they truly mean is: ‘That is going to be very difficult to achieve’. Most people live in an average world that demands average performance of them, given average circumstances.”

Passion might be better

I have encountered less talented people who are determined and willing to give their all for personal success.

On the other hand, I have seen intelligent people who live like they are dumb. Why? Their minds are wrongly informed. The biggest demon resides in the mind — and this demon leads to poverty.

The good news is, you can live your life by design, shape your results and determine your happiness.

The unfortunate part is you can choose to spend your limited stay on earth miserably, struggling and stuck in limitations. This is, indeed, self-imprisonment.

The questions are: Is it because of the genetic makeup that some people are able to make it in life or it is predestined that some people shall forever be poor — wallow at the bottom of the ladder and be controlled by circumstances?

These are questions warranting a strong investigation and a great consideration. The mind is for all purposes limitless.

You have the mind

You may have lost it all, but as long as you still have your mind you can rebuild your life. The mind can invent dangerous weapons like the gun, and it can superbly knit, bring together all the pieces to make the computer or build all amazing structures we see around us.


Most people have limited their mind. They start off a daily routine. They are naturalised and nurtured to do the easy thing and not right things.

They master their work such that they don’t need to think when performing their duties, leaving them stuck in that rat race of life.

The power of thought

Your thoughts have energy, power and limitless prowess and potential. Your thoughts can even surprise you because of what they can produce.

As cited by Bob Proctor in the book, You Were Born Rich, Elexander Rich a professor of biophysics at the MIT estimated that our central nervous system contains 10 to 100 million cells each one of which has a storage capacity equal to that of a large computer.

In the same book, Proctor further quotes Ross Addey of the Space Biology Laboratory of the Brain Research Institute at UCLA, who said: “The ultimate creative capacity of your brain may be for all practical purposes, infinite.”

Use your mind

Napoleon Hill, in his book Think and Grow Rich, wrote: “We are what we are because of the vibrations of thought which we pick up and register, through the stimuli of our daily environment.”

A local author and motivational speaker, Rabison Shumba said: “Your mind is the engine room and the assembly plant for life processes. If you manage your mind, you can manage your life.”

Now, use your mind. I think it’s a crime to live a life below your potential because you have deprived and robbed humanity of the great resources that they could have benefited from you.


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