Church honours Ncube for Cowdray Park projects

Finance minister Mthuli Ncube

THE Council for Churches in Africa (CCA) has honoured Finance minister Mthuli Ncube for initiating various developmental projects in Cowdray Park constituency ahead of the August 23 elections.

Ncube, however, lost the election to the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change party despite spending big in the constituency in what critics said was a vote-buying gimmick.Ncube went as far as establishing WiFi access points in a suburb that is crying out for water and roads, among other social amenities.

He also drilled boreholes and set up nutritional gardens.CCA president Rocky Moyo said Ncube’s works could not go unnoticed.

“We have a paper here as CCA to thank you Minister of Finance for the work that you did. We call this paper a certificate of recognition and it’s coming from CCA, this is an ecumenical God, it’s the God of many churches in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and the whole of Africa,” Moyo said during the weekend while honouring Ncube.

“There is the certificate of achievement and it is awarded to the honourable for the significant contribution to humanitarian work and community development given under the authority of CCA.”

It was the first time that Ncube contested in an election after he joined President Emmerson Mnangagwa-led government in 2018 as a technocrat.

“We want to acknowledge the minister for putting up WiFi for school-going children in Cowdray Park. We also want to thank him for giving out groceries to the elderly people, disabled people and disadvantaged children in that community,” Moyo added.

Ncube did not participate in the December 9 by-election since he had already been appointed a minister.

However, the seat was won by Zanu PF in the by-election.

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