Govt revives stalled Binga-Karoi Road project

Transport and Infrastructural Development deputy minister Joshua Sacco

THE government has invited contractors to bid for the rehabilitation of an additional 30km of the Karoi-Binga Road after the completion of the first 10km of the project, NewsDay has established.

Transport and Infrastructural Development deputy minister Joshua Sacco revealed the development in the National Assembly recently.

He was responding to a query raised by Binga South legislator (Citizens Coalition for Change) Fanuel Cumanzala who expressed concern over the unfinished Binga-Karoi Road which was started way before Zimbabwe’s independence.

Cumanzala took the Transport and Infrastructural Development ministry to task over delays in completing construction of the road.

“May the Transport and Infrastructural Development ministry explain to the House why the Binga-Karoi Road has stalled given the salience of the road in boosting access to tourism facilities and outside markets by the people of the Zambezi Valley,” he said.

“Are you aware that besides being an economic game changer, this road is also a political game changer in the sense that this is a promise that has been made by several governments including the colonial government?

“When we got independence, the promise was also made by the government led by the late former President (Robert) Mugabe. Now, we have the second republic, the road is still under construction.

This is a big issue for the Zambezi Valley community. Do you have anything to say about this?” he asked.

However, Sacco said the second republic had completed the construction of about 10km out of 60km since it got into office.

“The Karoi-Binga Road is very important both for local communities as well as economic activities including tourism.

“Government is committed to the continued upgrading and construction of the Karoi-Binga Road from gravel to an all-weather standard surface.

“Under the second republic, works on the Karoi-Binga Road resumed in 2019 with construction of 10 kilometres completed from the 50-kilometre peg to the 60 kilometre peg at Zvipane business centre. The newly-constructed road section was completed in 2020 and is open to traffic,” Sacco said.

Sacco said government had flighted a tender for the rehabilitation of an additional 30km in Mashonaland West with one contractor awarded 10 kilometres.

“The tenders for the other two remaining lots of 10 kilometres each are now at an advanced stage of finalisation. Similarly, 10km were recently completed in 2023 from the zero kilometre peg to the 10km peg on the Binga-Bumi Road section in Matabeleland North province.

“While government is progressing with upgrading the road under direct funding from Treasury, options for private sector participation are also being pursued. Currently, a proposal for loan financing is being considered,” he said.

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