MPs implored to prioritise climate change

Mudenda said this during a climate change sensitisation workshop for Members of Parliament held recently.

SPEAKER of Parliament, Jacob Mudenda has asked lawmakers to take a leading role in pushing for legislation that addresses issues around climate change.

Mudenda said this during a climate change sensitisation workshop for Members of Parliament held recently.

He told legislators that a climate-degraded environment could hinder national development goals.

“As leaders of our nation, we must, therefore, confront the climate change phenomenon head-on being cognisant of the imperative that a climate change impoverished environment is likely to negate our people of the right to development, the right to accelerated socio-economic growth in the quest for national prosperity towards Vision 2030 of an Upper Middle-Class economy,” Mudenda said.

“Accordingly, as newly-elected people’s representatives, you have a unique opportunity and responsibility to champion the cause of climate action as you strive to work towards a sustainable future for our nation and the planet at large.

“As a key institution on the demand side of accountability, Parliament exists to bridge the gap between decisions made at the global level and their national implementation response.”

He said addressing the climate change phenomenon requires a comprehensive and coordinated approach as guided by the Constitution.

“Accordingly, it is the responsibility of Members of Parliament to ensure that environmental national policies and the attendant environmental laws guarantee economic use of our natural resources to the extent that the current generation leaves behind a legacy of a rich environment for posterity.

“It is, therefore, axiomatic that as parliamentarians you ought to closely monitor the implementation of these policies so that they do not slumber into archival forgotten records,” said Mudenda.

He stressed the need for legislation that promotes responsible resource management and holds government agencies as well as other stakeholders accountable for their climate change responses.

“In view of the foregoing, parliamentarians must not only legislate for climate action and scrutinise how the government responds to climate change issues but must also hold all ministries, departments and agencies of government totally accountable for their actions and or inaction in the climate change impact response efforts.

 “As MPs, we should not be found wanting in our advocacy for climate justice, we must continually nurture it wholesomely from generation to generation,” Mudenda added.


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