Tables turn on complainant

Chipi said she got married to Masuku at the age of 18, and had suffered a lot in the union.

HARARE Civil Court magistrate Tamara Chibindi on Monday dismissed an application for a protection order by Ernest Chipi who was accusing her husband of leaving their matrimonial home to live in lodges where he reportedly indulged in extra-marital affairs.

Chipi told the court that her husband Zephania Masuku pretends to be going away on church business and goes to live in lodges with different women.

“For the past 26 years of our marriage, he has struggled to take care of me and the children. What baffles me is that whenever he gets money, he goes to spend it at some lodges. He does not stay home for close to a month and only comes back when he is broke,” she said.

Chipi said she got married to Masuku at the age of 18, and had suffered a lot in the union.

She pleaded with Chibindi to grant her a protection order stating that she was being harassed by her husband for no reason.

“I want him to stop harassing me and destroying the things I have worked hard for,” she submitted.

Masuku on the other hand submitted an application before the court claiming that he was the one being harassed by Chipi.

The court heard that Chipi assaulted Masuku with a pot on his private parts sometime in March, leaving him with a life-threatening injury.

“She is the one who abuses me and now she is accusing me of having extra-marital affairs because I applied for a protection order against her. I sustained an injury on my private parts after she fought me and threw a pot at me," he said.

Masuku further claimed that Chipi started harassing him after he prayed for her and evil spirits manifested.

“I am a prophet at an apostolic church. She knows that most of the time I will be at church, not lodges as she claims. She decided to start making accusations that I am engaging in extra-marital affairs because I prayed for her and some demons manifested on her,” he said.

After hearing both parties' submissions, Chibindi dismissed Chipi's application for lack of merit and granted Masuku’s application.

The magistrate ordered Chipi to desist from assaulting and harassing her husband.


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