How CEOs can improve on communication

Jonah Nyoni

CHIEF executive officers (CEOs) must be great communicators. They communicate with the employees, the board, and all stakeholders. At times, effective communication does not come naturally, and even those with great oratory skills must constantly look for means to improve the power of gab. CEOs at times rise to the level of being an influencer and that call for great communication


The CEO must have gravitas. Gravitas is the dignity, weight or seriousness that a leader carry. This is the aura that speaks before s/he speaks. This is wafted into the air without the effort of a leader.


Great leaders connect with the heart. A great speaker does not only impress the mind, but he touches hearts. What you know is not as important in some cases, but how you make feel makes one a great or poor leader. That will take a CEO who knows how to capture hearts before he impresses heads.


Great leaders of all times were defined by creativity in speech. Art is what makes great speakers. These include leaders such as Martin Luther King of the “I have a dream” speech. Former United States President Barack Obama became known as a great speaker for the “Yes, we can” speech.


The CEO is the centre of attention whether he likes it or not. So, people look up to the CEO for ideas, solutions, and motivation. You need to learn how to effectively connect, and communicate with people.

In your communication, you should learn to inspire commitment, dedication and loyalty. When you inspire others you are interested in them, and you are even empathetic and accessible to them.


Marry your words to your works. Some bosses want you to act as they say and not act as you see me them act. Your words should be married to your works. People don’t usually take us to our word, but to our actions.


Keep your communication lines open as a CEO. In addition to that, great CEOs are clear in their communication. Be clear about who you want you be? Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? I have since realised if you don’t know what you want in life, other people with clear dreams will use you to accomplish their dreams. What are your passions? Your purpose? Be the CEO of your life.


A leader has to be compelling in their speech. The lead CEOs must be persuasive, informative, transformative, engaging, appealing and entertaining.


Great leaders communicate authentically. Yes they might have flaws, but they are not fake. Be authentic to yourself. Be yourself. Be honest to others. Truth and honesty are the greatest virtues. You are respected for being a person of his word.


Great leaders keep calm in face of change and danger. That allows them to communicate positively to help others face whatever situation with confidence.  People buy brands they trust.

David Henry Through said: “If you advance confidently in the direction of your own dreams, and endeavour to live the life that you have imagined, you will meet with success unexpected in common hours”.


In addition to confidence, great CEOs are competent. That competence leads to confidence. This is a world of competition and you have to stay on top of the game. Not only that, strive to get out of the red ocean into the blue ocean. Norman Vincent Pearl said: “Strive to be in the top on life because the bottom is overcrowded.”

Peter Drucker once said we live in an era of 3Cs: Overwhelming complexity, accelerated change and tremendous completion”. Raise the standard.


The old saying says “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. Stick to something and people will trust you. People have confidence in tough people. Work repeatedly on your craft. Don’t give up.

“Winners never quit, and quitters never will,” said Oral Roberts.

Most people give up too early. Most people are afraid of the pain that comes with building a great CEO.

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