Ex-Harare Council employee on the run over fraudulent approval of building finally arrested

Former City of Harare employee

Former City of Harare employee who allegedly fraudulently approved  building plan for a joint venture agreement to build cluster houses in Borrowdale has finally been arrested at the Harare Magistrates Court.

Roy Nyabvure, who was a State witness in a perjury case involving former Pokugara Properties general manager Michael Van Blerk, where he admitted to approving the said plan was picked by the CID Commercial Crimes Division where he is being interviewed for criminal abuse of office.

The fraudulent building plan led property developer George Katsimberis in the dock for building the showroom without legitimate building plan and was charged with fraud.

Last month the police indicated that they wanted to interview him but they failed to locate him until today at the Harare magistrates court.

The State is accusing him of singlehandedly approving the plan for his own benefit that resulted in the demolition of the showroom which also left both parties in the agreement lose financial gains.

Nyabvure admitted in court during the cross examination of the perjury case that he is the one who approved the plan which is at the centre of controversy between Katsimberis and Pokugara Properties.

City of Harare recently wrote to court distancing itself from the plan saying it was not circulated to various departmental heads for approval, and Nyabvure was the only person who signed it.

Police then wrote to Nyabvure's lawyers from Mutumbwa Mugabe and Partners seeking to interview him, but the lawyers said he was still testifying in the matter.

When police checked with the National Prosecuting Authority, acting Deputy Prosecutor-General Michael Reza disputed that Nyabvure was still testifying.

"I refer to a letter dated 10 October 2022 by Mutumbwa Mugabe and Partners in which they say that Mr Roy Nyabvure is still testifying as a witness. Please be advised that Mr Nyabvure was a State witness in the perjury trial against Michael Van Blerk and Pokugara Properties (Pvt) Ltd. He has since led his evidence- in-chief, was cross-examined and re-examined. He was thereafter excused by the court as his witness duties were completed. If he is a witness in any other case and if I may be favoured with the CRB, I will be able to check and verify for you," Reza wrote to the police.

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