Govt kick starts food aid distribution

Lovemore Matuke

THE government has started distributing food aid in parts of the country severely affected by hunger.

“Government had already started distributing the maize to different areas but some areas had not been covered because the process of compiling registers of those in need of food (database) was yet to be completed,” Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare deputy minister Lovemore Matuke said in response to questions from parliamentarians.

MPs wanted clarity on what the government was doing to alleviate hunger in rural areas.

“Currently, we are compiling a database so that we don’t leave anyone behind. So far Manicaland province has received 2 500 metric tonnes while Mashonaland Central province got 1 400 tonnes,” Matuke said.

“A needy person is one who has not been able to harvest in the last farming season. Firstly, we check whether he or she managed to harvest. As we compile a database, we do not consider religion or politics and there is no nepotism. Everyone who needs food assistance has the right to get relief food.”

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