When Thee Ammartian turns pain into power

Thee Ammartian is a force to reckon with and a humble human with an extraordinary talent, she serves whole meals on microphones by ministering inspiring messages to peoples’ ears.

AT one point in life some people have gone through the tormenting experience of bullies, inflicting pain that could have ruined their lives or the best of their personalities. Through resilience, they however, overcame the struggles.

Poet and spoken word artist Shaznay Megan Wood, also popularly known as Thee Ammartian or Megamind in the showbiz sector, is an epitome of triumph over adversity as she used her pain to conquer the world.

The cliche turning lemons to lemonade perfectly describes how Thee Ammartian transformed herself from being scorned to being loved by many because of her poetry with wordplay and punchlines that have won the hearts of many. Thee Ammartian, who was born with albinism and of mixed race, revealed that she was bullied during her childhood because of her skin.

She is now one of the best young poets in the country and was last year awarded with the Young Female Achiever of The Year accolade at Africa Young Talent Achievers Awards held in Ghana.

Her snippet of the unreleased poem Issa Mwanangu Tiza has over 250 000 views and over 18 000 likes on Instagram.

NewsDay Weekender caught up with Thee Ammartian on her rise to stardom.

Brief description

Thee Ammartian is a force to reckon with and a humble human with an extraordinary talent, she serves whole meals on microphones by ministering inspiring messages to peoples’ ears.


I was bullied a lot but I turned pain into power in my late teens. Being “white-skinned” in a “black community” is one of the most difficult things ever. You are attacked for being you, either on social media or in the streets of Harare, sometimes being called names like chigure, khedha, munhu akamenywa just to mention a few. However, on the other side, my fans love me, shout out to them, and are very protective of my space.

The poetry journey

I was raised as a catholic and I was in the church choir when I was in high school. At high school music lessons were mandatory for everyone and I was not much of a singer. I wrote a speech titled The Scientists for a speech and prize giving day back in 2015. The whole school was amazed so, I would perform at every event and that is how I started my spoken word journey till I met a Leonard Mukwenga a.k.a The Heyhey Preacher who mentored me and other poets in 2017 through themed poetry events at Izwi Poetry Jam. I have over 20 poems, but professional projects are 11 excluding the next releases for next year.

Inspiration and mission

My mission is to speak truth to power in whichever way. I can, voice up for the voiceless and pave the way for a new generation of poetic geniuses. The desire is to tell stories about my society from my own experiences and perspective. Poetry chose me. My creativity comes from places I visit and people I interact with daily.

Treatment in community

Well, it depends on where I am, in my community I am Shaznay, the little girl they grew up knowing, in poetry circles and around other creatives who know me I am Thee Ammartian, the poet.

Works motivated by personal experience

Some pieces are motivated by personal experience, for example Musoro Bhangu, African yet White and Ndiribho.

Favourite poems

According to the people’s favourites I will say my most successful projects are Chipondamoyo, Musoro Bhangu and an unreleased piece called Issa Mwanangu Tiza.

Growing fan base

I am happy and humbled because poetry is not really a popular genre, and it gives my heart joy that this is a chance for every poet in the Zimbabwean industry. It is more than just people listening to me, it is for the whole industry.


Reaching to thousands of people is a blessing and a huge achievement. I have seven awards, one international, (Young Female Achiever of The Year), and the biggest achievement for me is getting to rub shoulders with captains of industry in different sectors of Zimbabwe.

Local heroes in the showbiz

Overally, I am inspired by God. He gave me a gift where I can create a whole masterpiece so effortlessly by just writing and speaking, give pen and paper to someone and tell them to write something and they won’t be able to, that is God, His amazing.

I am also inspired by industry players such as the phenomenal Ammara Brown for her ability to pave the way for every female artist in the music industry, .

Her work ethic and mouth-watering performances are incredible. I am also inspired by Winky D because he survived decades creating music for the people and he consistently delivers exquisite work. No doubt, he is a ghetto hero. A fellow poet, The Street Poet, is also someone who inspires me, his wordplay and touch with reality is amazing.

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