Cimas appoints marketing boss

CIMAS Medical Aid Society (Cimas) has appointed Tatenda Madzikanda chief marketing officer as it seeks to implement winning market strategies for the group.

Madzikanda is a prominent and reputable business leader with a wealth of experience as evidenced by her extensive background in the marketing sector.

“Tatenda brings a wealth of experience amassed over a 19-year carrier in this role. She has extensive background in service industry, including short-term insurance, banking and courier services,” Cimas said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to Cimas, Madzikanda’s exposure in the field has equipped her with valuable insights and capabilities to develop and implement winning marketing strategies for the group.

“At Cimas she had been instrumental in product development, membership growth and retention since 2008 when she joined the group,” Cimas said.

Madzikanda’s business leadership experience includes being in the Cimas ranks as Health guard assistant manager, marketing manager, head business development, and head customer services which has accelerated the current promotion.

She holds several qualifications with various institutions which makes her fit for the chief marketing officer position.

Madzikanda is expected to spearhead the group’s recent decision to acquire medical supplies from outside the country to improve service delivery to its clients.

Cimas committed US$8 million this year to healthcare, infrastructure and technology to acquire cutting edge medical infrastructure to tap into medical tourism.

In its 2022 annual report released in June, Cimas board chairperson Emma Fundira said maintaining a strong book through quality service delivery and constant engagement with stakeholders would remain a major focus area.

“To enhance service delivery to our members, we continue to aggressively pursue radical digital transformation initiatives. The initiatives currently being undertaken will lead to investment in technology solutions of approximately US$5 million over the next three years,” she said.

“Furthermore, as we pursue a value-based healthcare model which entails achieving good health outcomes at optimal cost, we are excited to be pursuing the various opportunities for growth locally and in the region.”

Fundira noted that the opportunities Cimas was pursuing included re-capacitating Medical Investments Limited, completion of the aVan Praagh Medical Centre and continued expansion of the healthcare services already provided by Cimas in and outside Harare.

“I am confident that the group’s strategy and the undoubted ability and commitment of the executive team and employees to implement it, will ensure long-term business sustainability and value creation for our members,” she said.

Cimas has total assets worth ZWL$45,25 billion and ended last year in a liquid position with ZWL$2,18 to every dollar of short-term debt.

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