CCC Statement on the Barbaric Murder of Bishop Tapfumaneyi Masaya

The late Bishop Tapfumaneyi Masaya

 As Zimbabweans in North America we have received with sadness the news of our CCC champion Bishop Tapfumaneyi Masaya who was gruesomely murdered by Zanu PF hooligans and state agents. For the CCC family, it is another week of callous and horrifying attacks on democracy by a power hungry Zanu PF cabal led by Mr Emerson Mnangagwa. This Zanu PF government has successfully managed to give our politics a bad name. The peace-loving Bishop had his life casually taken away with blunt instruments and machetes by known Zanu PF activists aided by rogue state agents. His only sin was to see the world differently from Zanu PF and for daring to want a better life for all Zimbabweans. He was killed for exercising his democratic rights of choices and associations and for falsely believing that Zimbabwe is a truly democratic state as enshrined in the constitution which the Zanu PF leader continues to tear apart every day. As he went about exercising that assumed democratic right to campaign for MP for Mabvuku, unconstitutionally recalled from parliament, the bishop was bundled into one of the three vehicles only to be found dead along Arcturus Road. What is sad is the impunity with which Zanu PF activists and gun totting state agents can abduct and butcher opposition members to death, with express approval from the Zanu PF leadership, who unsurprisingly have not condemned these daylight abductions and killings. Even sadder, is how the self-inaugurated president of the country has remained aloof as his party goes on a killing spree of opposition members. The usually reticent and complicit police as usual are always ready with a misleading, lame and lousy cover-up statement meant to clean-up after the Zanu PF bloody tracks. They did it in Glen View recently. As North America Citizen Assembly we therefore, condemn in the strongest terms such macabre behaviour that has characterized Zanu PF stay in power even during the liberation struggle when they would routinely abduct and kill their political opponents. That behavior must stop. We also urge the police, if they still have any reputation to protect to arrest and bring to justice the known Zanu PF suspects and the marauding state agents who apparently are still roaming our streets with reckless abandon. It is now obvious that the same well-funded perpetrators always in shiny brand-new SUVs and trucks have been responsible for the recent abductions and attempts at the lives of some CCC leaders such as Councilor Nhende, Hon James Chidhakwa and Hon Takudzwa Ngadziore.


We also urge the Zanu PF president Emerson Mnangagwa to put his murderous activists on a leash and stop issuing Hitler style open orders to kill opponents. The Minister of Home Affairs would have said something if he knew the perpetrators were not acting on orders from some powerful Zanu PF leaders. The silence by the commissioner of police too, is most telling. As North America Citizen Assembly we demand justice for Bishop Tapfumaneyi Masaya.

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