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SI 05 of 2023: Ban on export of unprocessed base mineral ores

Section 3(1) of SI 05 provides that no unbeneficiated base mineral ores shall be exported from Zimbabwe except under the written permit issued by the minister.
By Kudakwashe Kambo and Chido Mafogoya May. 26, 2023

Analysing restrictions on the export of unbeneficiated base mineral ores from Zim part 1

Base minerals export control (unbeneficiated base mineral ores) order, 2023
By Kudakwashe Kambo and Chido P Mafongoya May. 27, 2023

No special access rights for grandparents in Zimbabwe?

The Guardianship of Minors Act only regulates the rights to access and custody of biological parents and not third parties.

Unpacking the law on family trusts in Zim

A juristic person, as a legal subject, enjoys a legal existence independent from that of its members or the natural persons, who created it.
By Kudakwashe Kambo and Chido Mafongoya Sep. 1, 2023

Locus standi: The right, ability and capacity of a trust at law

It is settled law that in order to be a party to any court case (litigant), a person must have locus standi in judicio.

Consequences of not giving notice of directors’ meeting

This is particularly so since the general rule is that an irregularity regarding the convening of proceedings at a board meeting will render invalid resolutions passed at the meeting.
By Chido Mafongoya and Kudakwashe Kambo Apr. 5, 2024