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Unpacking assignment clauses – A broad overview

A party may assign its rights under this Agreement to any affiliated entity which directly or indirectly controls, without the consent of the other party.”
By Chido Mafongoya Oct. 22, 2022

AfCFTA: What is in it for Zimbabwean businesses?

After several delays, trading under the African Continental Free Trade Area finally commenced on the 1st of January 2021. 
By Chido Mafongoya Nov. 21, 2022

Understanding the claim of unjust enrichment

The main purpose of the claim is to balance the interests of individuals and provide restitution where necessary.
By Chido Mafongoya Mar. 11, 2023

PPPs an essential tool for Zim to address infrastructural deficits

At present, most African countries are not adequately investing in connectivity and infrastructure, which significantly hampers regional trade.
By Chido Mafongoya Mar. 17, 2023

PPPs essential to addressing infrastructural deficits

The Government of Zimbabwe opted for PPPs years back aiming to attract investors into infrastructure projects and State-owned enterprises.
By Chido Mafongoya Mar. 25, 2023

Unpacking the law on family trusts in Zim

A juristic person, as a legal subject, enjoys a legal existence independent from that of its members or the natural persons, who created it.
By Kudakwashe Kambo and Chido Mafongoya Sep. 1, 2023

Consequences of not giving notice of directors’ meeting

This is particularly so since the general rule is that an irregularity regarding the convening of proceedings at a board meeting will render invalid resolutions passed at the meeting.
By Chido Mafongoya and Kudakwashe Kambo Apr. 5, 2024