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Of gold and currency stability

The regulation, supply and function of government in relation to money have given rise to disagreements among many schools of thought.
By Alexander Maune Apr. 25, 2023

Academic institutions as knowledge creators in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

Although there is a lot of room for self-employment in Africa, there has not been much research done on how entrepreneurship affects the continent's economic growth.
By Alexander Maune May. 2, 2023

Currency creation and its devastating effects on everyone

There is much more to inflation than rising prices. Inflation is defined as the increase in the supply of money and credit.
By Alexander Maune May. 4, 2023

Role of military in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

The military is viewed as a key player in such an ecosystem. Its role has been recognised in several technological breakthroughs that have changed human life globally.
By Alexander Maune May. 16, 2023

Role of govt in the entrepreneurial ecosystem

These efforts can be supported through binational funds and bilateral support programmes, with each party contributing financing to bolster entrepreneurial growth.
By Alexander Maune Jul. 25, 2023