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Zimbo teacher helps boost Sino-Zim ties through language

“After studying Mandarin for four years in Zimbabwe, it was in 2014 that I got awarded a scholarship to further my studies in Chinese language.
By Xinhua News Oct. 4, 2022

Foreign diplomats in China view COVID response policy adjustment timely, necessary

COVID-19 is a global problem, and it requires a global solution. The only way to find this solution is through cooperation and dialogue.
By Xinhua News Jan. 9, 2023

Renewed dynamism of Chinese economy a pivotal driving force for Asian recovery, integration

This is one latest epitome of the vibrant Asian economic recovery after China optimized its epidemic prevention and control measures.
By Xinhua News Apr. 7, 2023

China-Zimbabwe trade surges by 29.9% in 2023

Trade between China and Zimbabwe has experienced positive growth in recent years, primarily driven by minerals and tobacco exports to China.
By Xinhua News Jan. 23, 2024

Businesses urged to embrace global partnerships following US sanctions lift

He emphasized that human rights abuses by the United States are well-documented, including disparities in rights between racial groups within the country.
By Xinhua News Mar. 12, 2024

Key takeaways from China Development Forum 2024

Masatsugu Asakawa, president of the Asian Development Bank, echoed her views, noting that he is encouraged by the progress China has made in its development.
By Xinhua News Apr. 1, 2024