SA truckers suspend protest over foreign drivers

ATDF-ASA is opposing the employment of non-South African drivers, while calling for the departments of labour and home affairs to conduct regular inspections to enforce this.
By Silas Nkala 38m ago

When politics lead economics

Two decades after the country underwent the chaotic land reform, monetary policy has remained one of the biggest headaches
By Tapiwa Gomo May. 13, 2024

Conservationist lands funding for conservation films

These filmmakers will share their own experiences in order to change people’s view of the continent, while inspiring communities to protect nature, wildlife and cultural heritage.
By Sharon Zebra Apr. 24, 2024

Food shortages hit cereal producing regions

Government is currently seeking more than US$2 billion (£1,6b) from well-wishers to tackle food shortages.
By Priviledge Gumbodete Apr. 22, 2024

What independence could there be to celebrate?

Zimbabwe is home to State-sanctioned human rights violations. There are politically-motivated abductions, killings and lengthy imprisonments without convictions.
By Cyprian M Ndawana Apr. 17, 2024

‘Let’s unite to address socio-political challenges’

It is in fact Zimbabweans, across the breadth, who must be supported irrespective of their political opinions.
By Miriam Mangwaya Apr. 16, 2024

ZEP saga — Helen Suzman Foundation takes on SA minister in ConCourt

“The minister’s nitpicking at parts of the full court’s judgment does not establish real grounds of appeal or any reasonable prospects of success,” Fakir said.
By Groundup Mar. 18, 2024

SA Home Affairs minister takes Zim permit battle to the Constitutional Court

He said given the complexity, and constitutional matters raised by the appeal, and the public interest, leave to appeal should be granted.
By Ground Up Mar. 7, 2024

Exploring alternatives to by-elections in Zimbabwe

Between 2020 and 2023 it saw over forty (40) by-elections for vacancies in the National Assembly constituencies and hundreds of local authority wards.
By Earnest Nyamukachi Mar. 3, 2024