Zanu PF Youth League Boss Preaches Unity

The ruling party has been battling intense divisions following its disputed primary elections held last month.
By Staff Reporter May. 22, 2023

Cracks emerge in Zanu PF youth league

While Machakaire could not be reached for comment, Paradza has downplayed the divisions saying they were united.
By Kenneth Nyangani and Winstone Antonio May. 10, 2023

Mnangagwa’s constitutional coup attempt for a third-term will backfire

It is clear that some elements within Zanu PF harbour thoughts to amend or misinterpret the Constitution to effect another coup.
By Phillan Zamchiya Jan. 5, 2023

Zanu PF boss under fire over mine

Chiwetu is accused of misrepresenting Zanu PF Youth League by authorising one Tapiwa Gwande to act as a proxy on its behalf.
By Nhau Mangirazi Oct. 28, 2022