Zambia delays start of cchool year as cholera deaths rise

Cholera outbreaks have affected 16 African countries over the last two years as severe storms and wars have accelerated the spread of illnesses.
By Bloomberg News Jan. 4, 2024

Health Talk: Public health system needs transformation

Health and Child Care minister Douglas Mombeshora has an insurmountable task to return public health service to track.
By Johannes Marisa Dec. 3, 2023

Fake marriages. A black market. What Zimbabwe’s health care workers are doing to get UK jobs

All this is taking place in the context of a clampdown by the U.K. on legal paths for migration.
By Evidence Chenjerai Nov. 28, 2023

WHO launches Social Connection commission

Commissioner Mpemba said that Social isolation knows no age boundaries, impacting 1 in 4 older individuals globally and 5-15% of adolescents.
By WHO Nov. 16, 2023

Zimbabwean appointed as WHO commissioner

In making the appointment WHO stated that Mpemba was chosen in recognition of her leadership in confronting current global challenges. 
By Staff Reporter Sep. 21, 2023

TB preventive treatment: Need for choice

But health care facilities and outreach programs need to embrace that range of options and make sure that a choice exists in practice.
By Violet Chihota Jul. 28, 2023

7 critical uncertainties that affect African farmers, food systems

At 125 000 deaths annually, children also face an inequitable burden of FBD.
By Charles Dhewa Jun. 28, 2023

Feature: Cholera outbreak exposes healthcare shortcomings

Water is a critical resource that has a direct impact on Africa's economic potential: a lack of access to safe water
By Enos Denhere Jun. 17, 2023

Uganda dispels fears of Covid cases as normal flu

The Department of Infectious Disease Control said the outbreak was a "normal flu".
By Bbc News May. 9, 2023