Taking charge of your health: Cancer prevention month

Talk Cancer Zim is there to shed light on these preventable risk factors and offer guidance on how to effectively reduce the risk of cancer.

Southern Africa: A four-fold surge in cholera cases puts tens of thousands of children at risk as cyclone season brings more flooding

In Malawi, which has counted over 160 cases so far this year, about four in 10 cases are children and young people under 19, according to the Health ministry.
By Reliefweb Feb. 29, 2024

A silver lining

Addressing journalists in Harare on Friday, Global Polio Eradication Initiative co-ordinator Sadiq Umar said Zimbabwe had one of the best environmental surveillance systems in Africa.
By Newsday Feb. 27, 2024

Four-fold surge in cholera cases puts tens of thousands of children at risk

 The number of cases jumped to about 95,300 from about 26,250 including over 1,600 deaths in the three countries, making it one of their worst cholera outbreaks in decades.
By Save The Children Feb. 24, 2024

Polio: The silent killer in our midst

SINCE December last year Zimbabwe has recorded three polio or poliomyelitis cases, a figure which appears to be too insignificant to write home about.
By Newsday Feb. 22, 2024

293 paediatric cancers registered

 Speaking at the same event, oncologist Bothwell Mbuwayesango thanked KidzCan for aiding their work as they offer assistance for treatment services like scans and X-rays.
By Vanessa Gonye Feb. 19, 2024

Zim battles to contain cholera

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has urged city fathers, the government and other stakeholders to unite for comprehensive anti-cholera fight.
By Brent Shamu Feb. 16, 2024

Cholera outbreak fight on track: Govt

The campaign is set to target cholera hotspots amid vaccine shortage concerns which were earlier expressed by the government.
By Vanessa Gonye and Brent Shamu Feb. 7, 2024

Musicians sing on mental health

Voltz JT is the latest musician to address mental health through music with his latest release titled Mkoma Brian
By Sharon Zebra Feb. 6, 2024