ZEAA: A convergence zone of innovation

Valuable skills to improve their organisational programme activities, pragmatic practice, professional skills and develop critical thinking.
By Lovemore Nyawo Nov. 24, 2023

Delta ponders US$ financial reporting

According to official numbers, the majority of transactions in the country are now concluded in foreign currency.
By Rufaro Hozheri Nov. 17, 2023

USAID avails US$3,2m for vulnerable households

Mekonnen said they would focus on addressing drug and substance abuse by working closely with relevant government agencies and other stakeholders.
By Vanessa Gonye Nov. 16, 2023

Zim students flock to the US

According to the US, in the past decade, more than 500 Zimbabweans have participated in the US Fulbright Program
By Miriam Mangwaya Nov. 13, 2023

Letter from America: How the mighty are falling: A private letter to Brother Brian Kagoro!

Lastly, the arrogance of US policy advisors to place Uganda on a sanctions list because that country refused to all same sex marriages, shows the depth of western moral decay.
By Kenneth Mufuka Nov. 5, 2023

Love–hate relationship with the US$ continues

Since then the USD economy has even increased to more than 80% and the majority of deposits in the banking system are now in US$.
By Rufaro Hozheri Nov. 3, 2023

Letter from America: US and Israel are losing the propaganda war!

Netanyahu’s history has been to destroy Arab villages and build Israeli compounds in their place.
By Kenneth Mufuka Oct. 15, 2023

US embassy empowers women

This comes as its partnership with Purse on Point Africa saw close to 40 women from Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) graduating in Harare on Monday.
By Melody Chikono Sep. 20, 2023

‘Govt may withdraw US dollar use before 2025’

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has, on several occasions, threatened to place the USD out of circulation.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Sep. 15, 2023