Ngozi Mine squatters resort to unsafe water sources

Moyo said he told the squatters that since they are working with a human’s rights group, they should ask it to assist in registering their business.
By Patricia Sibanda May. 17, 2024

Cheap imports leave local industries on the blink

This comes as Buy Zimbabwe, the local goods and services promoter, is seeking to step up its efforts to ensure that most goods and services on sale are local.
By Patricia Sibanda May. 13, 2024

ZiG: Scars of the past linger, casting a shadow over its successful rollout

Stakeholder engagement is crucial in navigating complex economic transitions such as the introduction of a new currency.
By Gloria Ndoro-mkombachoto May. 3, 2024

‘United effort key in fight against environmental degradation’

Local authorities were also encouraged to consider having by-laws to force miners to reclaim damaged land.
By Rex Mphisa Mar. 15, 2024

Why funeral assurers must take reinsurance

Stakeholder confidence is important because of the nature of the intangible product, which is a promise of service in 10, 20 or even 30 years.
By Clementine Chinyuku Dec. 8, 2023

Effective pension fund management

With the introduction of the new Act for the industry, trustees have been given an opportunity to re-engage with their fund rules again.
By Gandy Gandidzanwa and Itai Mukadira Sep. 8, 2023

An In-depth look at the recent decision to close betting sites in Kenya

How the Kenyan government arrived at this decision and its implications
By Newsday May. 30, 2023

Human rights lawyer Thulani Maseko shot dead outside home in eSwatini

According to the eSwatini government, Maseko was shot by "unknown criminals".
By News24 Jan. 22, 2023

West Properties wins African/Arabian award

The company won the Best Residential Development 20+units Zimbabwe and Top Developers Website Zimbabwe awards.
By Desmond Chingarande Oct. 6, 2022