Opposition leader ventures into music

For Lisenga, his love for music comes from the late Tongai Moyo who inspired him to pursue music, a passion that dates back to his childhood.
By Sharon Sibindi Mar. 17, 2024

Coronavirus origins still a mystery 3 years into pandemic

A crucial question has eluded governments and health agencies around the world since the COVID-19 pandemic began.
By Ap News Feb. 28, 2023

Former President Donald Trump announces a White House bid for 2024

As Trump spoke to a roomful of Republicans who expect him to face primary challengers in the coming months
By CNN Nov. 16, 2022

Inflation, fear drive US polls

Voters queuing to vote in Raleigh who spoke to News Day on voting day on Tuesday, accused US Biden of failing to deal with rising inflation.
By Blessed Mhlanga Nov. 9, 2022

Letter from America: How to lose an election, US style!

Conservatives find it frightening that government should advocate for psychological or medical treatment to pre-teenagers called gender affirmation.
By Kenneth Mufuka Nov. 6, 2022

The Battle for Africa: the US is blackmailing the continent

The battle for Africa has begun.
By Admin Sep. 9, 2022