Perspective: Uniting religions for peace and development

Religions and related social and cultural structures have played an important part in human history.
By Tinashe Chikodzi Jun. 23, 2024

Moulding personal prayer life

We are not in a competition to please God more than others. The Father simply wants you to run in your lane.
By Erasmus Makarimayi May. 25, 2024

We confess Jesus, not sin, to be saved

Diligent Bible students always read and interpret the Bible in context and as one piece from Genesis to Revelation.
By Erasmus Makarimayi Mar. 23, 2024

2023 Presidential Candidates profiles

78-year-old Gwinyai is the younger brother of the late former politician. He was elected party leader in 2017, after a “seven-year mourning period” following the death of the UANC founder in 2010.
By Newsday Aug. 19, 2023

Traditional, faith healers registration: A donkey, oxen being harnessed

From the healers’ perspective, Christianity and traditional religion are considered to be related systems of thought and practice.
By Blessing Mandabva May. 14, 2023

The power of ‘mediumship’ in controlling societies

SOME scholars have argued that those who control religion, the media and the trading systems and structures control the world
By Tapiwa Gomo Dec. 5, 2022

Iran seeks to promote Islam through art

The Iranian embassy in Harare said interested artists must submit their artworks in the form of photos, videos, articles, songs and paintings via email.
By Rejoice Phiri Nov. 23, 2022

Chirenje’s agony of using mbira in gospel music

Chirenje remembers she fell in love with the traditional sound after she was expelled from the school choir.
By Edwin Nhukarume Nov. 9, 2022

Raping of minors in the name of religion, hell

A love that is marked by openness where the communication is absolutely two way.
By Zimind Oct. 14, 2022