Kenya’s Raila Odinga suspends anti-government protests

The opposition has been pushing for reforms to the electoral commission, including stronger assurances that the president cannot pack the body with supporters.
By Al Jazeera Apr. 3, 2023

African Union appeals for calm after Kenya protests

In a statement, AU Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat urged "stakeholders to exercise calm and engage in dialogue to address any differences".
By Bbc News Mar. 28, 2023

Kenya protests: One shot dead in pro-Raila Odinga rally

Footage shared by Kenya's Standard newspaper earlier on Monday appears to show local bus operators fleeing their transport hub in central Nairobi.
By Bbc News Mar. 20, 2023

Kenyan opposition leader says Ruto's government is illegitimate

Both leaders, who have dominated politics in East Africa's biggest economy for decades, settled into an uneasy calm after the electoral contest.
By Reuters Jan. 24, 2023

Village Rhapsody: Electoral court challenges sign of mistrust in the process

A political system that allows the opposition to contest fairly, win elections and take over power peacefully is essential for any democracy.
By Evans Mathanda Sep. 18, 2022

Kenya election was an exemplary performance: Ruto

" I will work for all Kenyans irrespective of who they voted for," Mr Ruto said.
By Bbc News Sep. 13, 2022

Building narratives: How ‘hustler narrative’ won Ruto’s Kenyan presidency

“Kenyans. Let us unite to make Kenya a nation which everyone shall be proud to call home,” Ruto said.
By Fungayi Sox Sep. 11, 2022

Lessons for media from Kenya elections

In the build-up to the hotly contested election, Ruto framed the election as a contest between “hustlers” and “dynasties.”
By Tendai Makaripe Sep. 2, 2022