Tshabangu pushes for inclusive government

Mnangagwa recently denied ambitions to extend his term, but he has done little to caution his supporters against saying that he will be in office beyond 2028.
By Miriam Mangwaya May. 5, 2024

Tshabangu faction lays claim to government ‘windfall’

Siso said the party has also recalled three newly-sworn in proportional representation National Assembly members in Bulawayo arguing that they were not part of the agreed list.
By Nizbert Moyo Mar. 13, 2024

Malaba, opposition parties on collision course

Strict instructions on case management procedures are also highlighted in the circular which insists on strict timelines within which electoral matters are to be prosecuted.
By Kenneth Nyangani Dec. 12, 2023

Settle voters roll dispute outside court — Judge

Opposition political parties, electoral watchdogs and other stakeholders have expressed concern over the failure by Zec to provide the voters roll whenever it is requested.
By Mirriam Mangwaya Dec. 1, 2023

Political egos: Zimbabwe’s cancer

Zimbabwe cannot continue having medieval diseases like cholera in this century. Politicians must shape up or ship out!
By Paidamoyo Muzulu Oct. 7, 2023

Women stand up to political violence.

There is only one female presidential candidate in this year’s election — Elisabeth Valerio — compared to four in 2018.
By Sharon Buwerimwe and Gracious Daniel Aug. 10, 2023

Call for radical women empowerment reforms

She said Zimbabwe should discard the trial and error system and embrace legislation compelling political parties to have balanced lists of candidates for elections.
By Stephen Chadenga Aug. 2, 2023

Village Rhapsody: 2023 polls- Why opposition must rethink its strategy

Political parties may be wary of losing power to rival parties, particularly if they have concerns about the opposing party's policies or ideologies.
By Evans Mathanda Jul. 2, 2023

Ideological silences in our political discourse

Political parties are nolonger clear to the voters on what their preferred national direction is and  what their central issue is, apart from prosperity rhetoric.
By Liam Kanhenga Jun. 30, 2023