HealthTalk: Covid-19 still lingers amongst us

China has a population of at least 1.4 billion people and has potential to infect the whole globe if the virus is not contained quickly. 
By Dr Johannes Marisa Feb. 12, 2023

Health Talk: Be alert about Covid-19 strike in China, US

The situation is not pleasing as the worry for another serious outbreak continues to grow. Covid-19 mutations are occurring at supersonic speed compared to other viruses.
By Johannes Marisa Jan. 8, 2023

Be wary of COVID-19 strike in China

Social media reports are emerging of congested health institutions which seem to be getting overwhelmed with multiple cases.
By Johannes Marisa Jan. 5, 2023

‘COVID-19 still a threat’

The warning comes as a new Omicron variant has been detected in neighbouring Botswana, a COVID-19 strain that wreaked havoc across the world around this time last year.
By Lorraine Muromo Dec. 7, 2022