Stakeholders commend Kaza conservation stance

“Regrettably, Kaza’s current approach falls short of this ideal, often overlooking the crucial input and involvement of the very communities it aims to support.”
By Obert Siamilandu Jun. 13, 2024

CNRG calls for risk management practices in mining

CNRG said the first two months of 2024 recorded 33 fatalities and 27 serious injuries from mining accidents, further underlining the need for risk management in the mining sector.
By Business Reporter Jun. 12, 2024

Environmental degradation reaches alarming proportions

CNRG said a significant portion of Zimbabwe’s arable land had been rendered unusable due to mining activities.
By Priviledge Gumbodete Jun. 7, 2024

Arab twist to plunder ‘confirms deeply rooted criminal syndicate’

Mutsvangwa told reporters that an unnamed former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) governor had struck a deal with the Arabs where Zimbabwe would exchange gold for US dollars.
By Julia Ndlela Apr. 19, 2024

Govt under fire as investors damage graves

He expressed concern over the development accusing government of disrespecting Zimbabwean norms.
By Problem Masau Apr. 3, 2024

New ‘gold mafia’ film torches storm

It has since emerged that villagers who testified in the documentary have gone into hiding after receiving death threats from unknown persons.
By Kenneth Nyangani Mar. 24, 2024

SA political parties ignore rural communities’ needs

The communities’ demands for benefits from natural resources are supported by South Africa’s constitution.
By Emmanuel Koro Mar. 8, 2024

‘Exemption of 21 entities from scrutiny will fuel corruption’

CNRG said transparency in public procurement was essential to prevent corruption and impunity.
By Business Reporter Feb. 13, 2024

Why do SA political parties ignore environment in their manifestos?

Prof. Child said that while countries like Namibia and Zimbabwe have proactive policies to promote the wildlife economy, especially on private and communal lands.
By Emmanuel Koro Feb. 2, 2024