3 NRZ workers die in accident

The parastatal did not reveal the identities of the deceased.
By Brent Shamu Feb. 21, 2024

3 die after train derails

The transporter said investigations were underway to determine the cause of the accident.
By Gary Gerald Mtombeni Feb. 20, 2024

Church, NRZ dispute spills to Supreme Court

Ohizu said they considered the geological complexities of the land due to its swampy nature, deed pits and dumps on this particular piece of land and became interested.
By Desmond Chingarande Feb. 12, 2024

We must not give up on Zimpost

Although Zimpost has the potential to make the overall economy more effective, it is in need of vital changes to its current business model.
By Kevin Tutani Feb. 9, 2024

We are now under black market ‘rule’

There seems to be a deterioration of this problem, while law enforcement agencies and the entire government bury their head in the sand as if nothing serious is taking place.
By Theindependent1 Feb. 9, 2024

NRZ targets 2,7 million tonnes of freight

He said NRZ was an economic enabler, playing a major role in the energy, mining, agriculture and fuel sectors.
By Daniel Moyo Feb. 4, 2024

A deeper focus on rail ops in freight logistics

In most competitive economies, rail transport moves between 20%-40% of a country’s total freight. Rail also offers a number of desirable benefits.
By Kevin Tutani Feb. 2, 2024

NRZ cable thief nabbed

Mutonga, who was outside, escaped from the premises.
By Daniel Moyo Jan. 26, 2024

Gokwe man steals NRZ copper cables

The total value of the stolen property is US$5 000.
By Jerssie Mpofu Dec. 29, 2023