Power challenges delay Go Beer re-opening

Chivhoko said the Go Beer investment would not only revitalise the brewery industry in the Midlands capital, but also create jobs while stimulating economic growth.
By Stephen Chadenga Jul. 10, 2024

Gweru gives nod for beneficiaries to build houses

Most beneficiaries of the stands are council employees who were given the stands to set off their 2015 salary arrears.
By Stephen Chadenga Jul. 4, 2024

Gweru descends on heavy trucks

Speaking at a recent full council meeting, Chivhoko said there was an increase in heavy trucks using undesignated roads in the city.
By Stephen Chadenga May. 25, 2024

Gweru to turn aerodrome into cargo airport

Chivhoko said other projects that the local authority intends to undertake include the resuscitation of its beer entity, Go Beer, which is expected to commence production in eight months’ time.
By Stephen Chadenga Mar. 14, 2024

Go Beer to reopen in 8 months

Chivhoko said the revamping of Go Beer was part of council’s efforts to widen its revenue base and not only rely on rates.
By Stephen Chadenga Mar. 7, 2024

Gweru, City Parking partnership pays dividends

Chivhoko said public private partnerships between the local authority and private players were key in enhancing service delivery to residents.
By Stephen Chadenga Feb. 14, 2024

‘New Gweru suburbs are cholera hotspots’

Chivhoko said council would descend on land developers who fail to provide water and sanitation infrastructure for new stands.
By Stephen Chadenga Feb. 8, 2024

Gweru council repossesses stands

Council availed at least 6 000 stands to Mkoba 21 beneficiaries in 2014.
By Stephen Chadenga Feb. 7, 2024

Zanu PF linked space barons cause havoc

Chivhoko said the situation was now out of hand such that the council was considering privatising the vending market in a bid to realise income from the council owned marketplace.
By Stephen Chadenga Feb. 4, 2024