South Africa extends military presence in Cabo Delgado amid rising tensions

South Africa's contingent, which comprises 1,495 soldiers, constitutes two-thirds of the SADC mission.
By Séraphin Ekane May. 21, 2024

Iranian women central to development, 45 Years after Islamic Revolution

Women's representation on university faculty has increased by 33.3%, and in medical science universities by 34%.
By Newsday Mar. 11, 2024

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution

This year’s anniversary assumes extra significance in the face of renewed hostility by the former US President Donald Trump’s administration to dismantle the revolution once and for all
By Abdullah R. Makwinja Feb. 9, 2024

Necessity of separating war from crime in occupied Palestine

In international standards, it is vital to distinguish between war and crime.
By Mohsen Pakaein Oct. 17, 2023

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan arrested outside Islamabad court

Fawad Chaudhry of Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party confirmed the arrest in a tweet on Tuesday.
By Al Jazeera May. 9, 2023

Dozens killed in 'barbaric' Burkina Faso attacks

Militant groups linked to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS) are known to operate in the region.
By Bbc News Apr. 9, 2023

Muslim community transforms lives in Hatcliffe

The trust plans to run adult education classes as there are many women who cannot speak or read and are unable to assist their children with schoolwork.
By Albert Masaka Mar. 19, 2023

Nigeria launches $672 million tech fund for young investors

The fund - targeting 15 to 35-year-olds - comes at a time when there are concerns locally about the failure of U.S.
By Reuters Mar. 16, 2023

Meta's Oversight Board tells company to allow 'death to Khamenei' posts

Meta's (META.O) Oversight Board on Monday overturned the company's decision to remove a Facebook post that used the slogan "death to Khamenei" to criticize the Iranian leader.
By Reuters Feb. 15, 2023