We have a right to self-defence: Iran

We have a right to self-defence, says Iran
By Admin Apr. 15, 2024

Maternal deaths still ‘unacceptably high’

In her 2023 annual report, UNFPA country representative Miranda Tabifor commended the government for its efforts in addressing maternal health issues.
By Vanessa Gonye Apr. 14, 2024

Crocheting therapy for Murasiranwa

The self-taught designer told NewsDay Life & Style that crocheting improved her confidence when creating new pieces
By Sharon Zebra Apr. 9, 2024

Iran’s New Year: A celebration of new beginnings

Nowruz, is a universal celebration of new beginnings: wishing prosperity and welcoming the future, and escaping from the past.
By Admin Mar. 20, 2024

Iranian women central to development, 45 Years after Islamic Revolution

Women's representation on university faculty has increased by 33.3%, and in medical science universities by 34%.
By Newsday Mar. 11, 2024

Iran to improve trade, economic relations with Zim

The remarks were made by Islamic Republic of Iran ambassador to Zimbabwe, Abbas Navazani yesterday at a local hotel to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution.
By Winston Antonio Feb. 10, 2024

Adolescent pregnancies, maternal deaths worrying

“The fact that adolescents were out of school for a long period mainly contributed to the pregnancies,” Mupambireyi said.
By Vanessa Gonye and Ropafadzo Makosi Feb. 2, 2024

Celebrating Iranian Yalda Night or Shab-e Chelleh

Iranians commemorate the last night of fall as the rebirth of the sun and the triumph of light over darkness since days get longer and nights are shorter in the winter.

Intimidation, violence drive women away from politics

For the National Assembly, there are 70 women candidates against 637 men in 210 constituencies.
By Problem Masau Aug. 7, 2023