GQ, Inkabi Zezwe not spinning on a hamster wheel

This pair from KwaZulu-Natal has had a stellar 2023 period of time of triumphs, hardening its topographic point as a paramount force in the amusement industry.
By Grant Moyo Dec. 24, 2023

Out & about: Feel the pulse of Inkabi Zezwe’s mastery!

Adding some flames into their sound, things are just getting lit as Sjava and Big Zulu (Inkabi Zezwe) started out their long-awaited live tour
By Grant Moyo Jul. 15, 2023

Out & about: Inkabi Zezwe’s ‘Ukhamba’ on cloud nine!

Recorded in Bergville, KwaZulu-Natal, in a fortnight, Inkabi Zezwe’s body of work is bringing listeners much deeper into the musicians’ universe.
By Grant Moyo May. 28, 2023