Journalists call for alignment of laws

Majoni described the government’s ongoing media law reform agenda as cosmetic.
By Pamenus Tuso May. 5, 2024

News in depth: The mystery of Zupco’s disappearing buses amid Zimbabwe’s public transport crisis

The company incurred a $3.8 billion loss in 2020 and the auditor general’s report says
By Miriam Mangwaya Jan. 14, 2024

Undercover police summon investigative journalism hub director

Majoni furnished him with the organisation’s physical address and asked Kwindingwi what Pisi wanted him for.
By Staff Reporter Dec. 28, 2023

ZimInd takes legal action against parly over CDF

Parliament refused to release the documents when it was approached by this newspaper in June this year.
By Staff Writer Sep. 22, 2023

News in depth: Mayhem as Zanu PF-linked cartels use polls as cover to grab land, vending stalls

Some of the beneficiaries of the illegal scheme have the Zanu PF flag or Zimbabwean flag raised in their structures to show their allegiance to the ruling party.
By Winstone Antonio Jul. 23, 2023

Media urged to engage communities

“Communities have remained peripheral and therefore vulnerable to elite manipulation because not enough is being done to involve them in setting the news agenda.”
By Sofia Mapuranga Jan. 22, 2023

Press freedom a fundamental human right: US official

Rebecca Archer-Knepper, the public diplomacy Officer at the US embassy in Harare, told journalists in Kadoma on Friday that her government considered a free media “indispensable”.
By Sofia Mapuranga Dec. 11, 2022

Harare residents plot garbage blockade

Yesterday, the Information for Development Trust (IDT) and the Harare Residents Trust petitioned Harare City Council over the costly deal.
By Kenneth Nyangani Oct. 13, 2022

Corruption watch: Political interference crippling fight against corruption

On interference, it’s not as though Matanda-Moyo was whimpering just for the sake of yapping.
By Tawanda Majoni Oct. 9, 2022