‘New currency averted systems crash’

It replaced  the Zimbabwe dollar (ZWL), which had to be decommissioned after depreciating rapidly against the US dollar, complicating an already dire economic situation.

Zim needs regime change, not currency change

Rapid inflation, poverty rates continue to remain alarmingly high because of Zimbabwe’s plagued economy. 
By Diana Machingauta Apr. 12, 2024

Review of the 2024 Monetary Policy Statement

For instance, the annual inflation rate rose from 34,8% in January 2024 to 47,6% in February and 55,3% in March 2024.
By Prosper Chitambara Apr. 12, 2024

Annual inflation seen below 5%

The governor noted that in the last nine months, inflationary pressures have dissipated, as seen by the decline in the annual inflation rate from 30,9% in June to 17,8% in October 2023.
By Mthandazo Nyoni Apr. 8, 2024

‘Zim will stick to US dollar’

The structured currency will be backed by 2,5 tonnes of gold, worth US$175 million, according to Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor John Mushayavanhu.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Apr. 5, 2024

Structured currency should bring relief to masses

ZIMBABWE, a country rich in untapped natural resources, has faced significant economic challenges in recent years, including hyperinflation resulting in the abandonment of its own currency.
By Amh Voices Apr. 5, 2024

‘ZSE bull run will burst, lacks fundamentals’

The depreciation of the local currency is also attributed to an increase in the money supply after  Treasury increased expenditure for the current fiscal year.
By Tafadzwa Mhlanga Apr. 3, 2024

Corporate failures, implications on tax collection by the govt

Corporate failures can have far-reaching consequences for economies, societies, and governments, impacting employment, investor confidence, and public finances.
By Gloria Ndoro-mkombachoto Mar. 28, 2024

Candid Comment: Zim yearns for stronger opposition

While Zanu PF is good at protecting the morsel of power, squabbles always heighten when the opposition is at its weakest because there will be undivided attention to it.
By Kudakwashe Gwabanayi Mar. 22, 2024