NewsDay cartoon 04 May, 2024 edition

NewsDay cartoon 3 May, 2024 edition
By The Watcher May. 4, 2024

Govt to blame for pensioners’ plight

We are pretty sure that the number of police officers retiring each year runs into hundreds, given that the force has been recruiting almost every year since independence in 1980.
By Newsday Jan. 6, 2024

Feature: Zim edgy as blood stocks fall after a dark Christmas

On the other hand, around 24% to 26% of the population belongs  to blood group A, while 18% belong to blood group B.
By Gamuchirai Nyamuziwa Jan. 5, 2024

The Zim Souk Al-Manakh

Kuwait's financial sector was shaken by the crash, as was the entire economy. In fact, the crash prompted a recession that rippled through society.
By Batanai Matsika Jul. 7, 2023

New Perspectives: Maize crop value chain: Trends and perspectives

I estimated over one hundred and twenty tonnes of maize stacked in grocery stores, verandas and backyard shades in the six business centres.
By John Maketo Jun. 16, 2023

NewsDay Cartoon May 19, 2023 edition

NewsDay Cartoon May 19, 2023 edition
By The Watcher May. 19, 2023

Govt determined to modernise border posts

The upgrading of the border post started in 2017 when he assumed office.
By Freeman Makopa Mar. 6, 2023

A cat, mouse game that never works

THE government of Zimbabwe, through relevant bodies, has gone back and forth since 2020 on policies pertaining to the stock market
By Tinashe Duma Mar. 3, 2023

Online visibility will make it easy to market Zim’s produce

Zimbabwean-produced mangetout, green beans, chillies, lettuce and fish are common in European supermarkets.
By Jacob Mutisi Jan. 20, 2023