GNU is the best solution to enhance the livelihoods of citizens: Chamuka

Chamuka believes that a GNU can effectively improve the lives of all citizens, regardless of their political affiliation.
By Southern Eye Nov. 24, 2023

Chamuka to deliver public address, proposing need for GNU in Zimbabwe

He urged all political parties to embrace this approach and work collaboratively for Zimbabwe's betterment.
By Newsday Nov. 19, 2023

Zim politics: Dialogue of the deaf

At present, Zimbabwe desperately needs this healthy dialogical process in order to avert a constitutional and political crisis or at the extreme a violent conflict.
By Edknowledge Mandikwaza Oct. 27, 2023

No talks with disjointed CCC: Mohadi

He said going into a GNU with the opposition parties was a history that will not be repeated.
By Kenneth Nyangani Oct. 23, 2023

Politics of ethnicity: Jumping from the pan into the fire

“This was the Zezuru position after all the Zanu infighting in Zambia, which led to Herbert Chitepo’s death on March 18 1975.
By Arthur Mutambara Sep. 22, 2023

Of insecure sycophants, falsified intelligence

Next, use this local currency to buy – through your connections at RBZ or your links with the political establishment — the rare US dollars at the official rate and produce US$100 000.
By Arthur Mutambara Aug. 4, 2023

School of sport: EVERY MINUTE COUNTS

Interestingly Everton are also the team who have conceded the most times, 10 times in the first minute of matches.
By Tim Middleton Jul. 30, 2023

Why ED failed to improve Zim's economic prospects

All efforts by the Mnangagwa administration to turn around the Zimbabwean economy have been futile, and of no effect, because RBZ’s operational mandate maintained the status quo.
By Martin Majaji Jun. 29, 2023

School of sport: FOREVER AND ANON

Many people now enjoy Veterans sport, for which they are eligible at the age of thirty-five. As of July 15 2008
By Tim Middleton Apr. 23, 2023