‘Charumbira’s utterances cannot go unchallenged’

More than 20 000 people in the two Matabeleland provinces and the Midlands were massacred, according to independent estimates.
By Nizbert Moyo Feb. 13, 2024

Charumbira’s election under objection: Zec

Zec said there was a need to revisit the law under which the council of chiefs is constituted to address the concern.
By Miriam Mangwaya Feb. 10, 2024

Charumbira in Gukurahundi storm

Outspoken Zipra war veteran Max Mkandla said Charumbira is a beneficiary of Gukurahundi operations, adding that he was a misguided leader.
By Silas Nkala Feb. 9, 2024

Charumbira ousted as PAP president

Charumbira, a former Chiefs Council President, had survived a plot to remove him from the post after he was accused of embezzlement and sexual assault in 2023.
By Brent Shamu Jan. 17, 2024

PAP presidency saga: Charumbira hits back

Acting president Asherbiri Gayo last week called on Charumbira to step down from the organisation’s leadership.
By Harriet Chikandiwa Nov. 27, 2023

Step down, PAP acting boss tells Charumbira

Gayo argued that Charumbira’s continued presidency was tarnishing PAP’s reputation, accusing him of presiding over a scourge of corrupt activities.
By Sydney Kawadza Nov. 24, 2023

Zanu PF abusing chiefs: ZHRC

Some traditional leaders, including Chiefs’ Council president Fortune Charumbira, have in the past attracted criticism for openly dabbling in partisan politics.
By Lorraine Muromo Jul. 14, 2023

Reflections on Chief Charumbira!

This is the background to defamatory accusations levelled against chief Fortune Charumbira, president of the council of chiefs and president of the Pan African Parliament.
By Kenneth Mufuka Jul. 9, 2023

Charumbira in cyber-bullying storm

The chat history alleges that the victim’s father and the other three family members were worried that their plot to dethrone Charumbira using the sexual assault case was collapsing
By Mirriam Mangwaya Jun. 21, 2023