South Africa’s Top 5 Casino Resorts

Kickstarting our list is the Wild Coast Sun. Nestled on the stunning Wild Coast, this resort is perfect for those who want to mix beach vibes with the thrill of the casino.
By Newsday Jun. 8, 2024

Wangu Mazodze a club on a mission to conquer Zim football

FC Wangu Mazodze was involved in the promotion race last season before the ticket was won by Bikita Minerals via the boardroom.
By Terry Madyauta May. 19, 2024

Bulawayo residents endure dry Easter

In a letter dated March 30, town clerk Christopher Dube announced water supply interruptions in all residential areas.
By Innocent Magondo Apr. 2, 2024

DivineInsight: Easter reflections: Celebrating Jesus' life, death, and resurrection

The second part of 1 Timothy 3:16 then says, 'God was manifest in the flesh,' showing the importance of understanding his humanity.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Mar. 31, 2024

Speed thrills but kills

Faced with such a scenario, operators will tend to carry more passengers than the required numbers and do multiple trips during the long holiday to maximise on their profits.
By Newsday Mar. 30, 2024

The doctrine of identification

Jesus died once and rose once. Annual commemorations do not mean that He will re-do the whole process.
By Erasmus Makarimayi Mar. 30, 2024

At least 45 people killed after bus plunges into South Africa ravine

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa sent his condolences to Botswana and promised support, his office said in a statement.
By Aljazeera Mar. 29, 2024

Cholera remains a threat despite vaccination

Mega church services have been lined up for an action-packed weekend that will be replete with worship, although in some provinces gatherings have been restricted to contain the spread of cholera.
By Newsday Mar. 29, 2024

Cholera fears as churches gather for Easter

Government says it will intensify monitoring and supervision of all large gatherings during the upcoming Easter holiday to minimise the spread of cholera.
By Problem Masau Mar. 28, 2024