Chinamasa speaks on Zim/Zambia fallout

Chinamasa acknowledged the sacrifices made by Zambians during the liberation struggle and emphasised that Zimbabweans hold no ill intent towards Zambia or its people.
By Problem Masau and Harriet Chikandiwa Sep. 16, 2023

Credible elections beyond reach

Oftentimes throughout the progression of humanity, the harbinger duty was assigned to public debaters.
By Cyprian Muketiwa Ndawana Aug. 23, 2023

VICTORY NOT CERTAIN!: As mistrust, internal conflicts and fractures plague Zanu PF, CCC

FAZ, which emerged during a Zanu PF restructuring programme, has been blamed for the downfall of many heavyweights.
By Tinashe Makichi and Sydney Kawadza Aug. 18, 2023

‘Don’t trust Zanu PF’s electoral promises’

The party said Zanu PF has been in power for the past 43 years, but had destroyed even the infrastructure it inherited from the Ian Smith colonial government.
By Silas Nkala Aug. 15, 2023

We’re well resourced: Zanu PF

Zanu PF supporters have been served with bread, chicken pieces and fried chips, seed and regalia, among other items.
By Kenneth Nyangani Jul. 31, 2023

No one is forced to board our buses: Zanu PF

Reports, however, indicate that the party is bussing people, and in some instances, using coercion and intimidation, particularly in rural areas.
By Kenneth Nyangani Jul. 27, 2023

Zanu PF violence victims speak out

Zanu PF activists went on the rampage in Kwekwe’s Tigereef area and assaulted Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) members who were conducting a door-to-door campaign.
By Problem Masau Jul. 23, 2023

Zanu PF defends lavish spending on Mayweather

Sakupwanya hosted Mayweather for three days with unconfirmed reports indicating that he splurged close to US$1 million on the boxing legend.
By Kenneth Nyangani Jul. 17, 2023

Zanu PF in violence, abduction storm

Zanu PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa said the CCC should report the cases to the police.
By Kenneth Nyangani Jul. 5, 2023