Sunday word: Love your neighbour as you love yourself

We read and are told from the scriptures that God created everyone of us in His own image.
By Prosper Tingini Jul. 14, 2024

Dorcas Moyo nominated for prestigious African award

The Zimbabwe gospel sensation will also lock horns with Winnie Mashaba (South Africa), Janet Otieno (Kenya) and Deborah Lukalu from the Democratic Republic of Congo.
By Clayton Masekesa Jul. 10, 2024

Model defines journey as full of grace

I am a 16-year-old student at Midlands Christian College in Gweru. I was born in Bulawayo and went to Petra College Junior.
By Sharon Zebra Jun. 22, 2024

How to overcome the spirit of limitation

For the children of Israel to be attacked by the Midianites, they did something that empowered the spirit of limitation.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Jun. 9, 2024

Trump followers need major moral re-think

Jesus fundamentally was about non-violence, genuine compassion and non-wealth.
By Amh Voices Jun. 8, 2024

From babes to fathers

The only way to recognise a mature Christian is by their words.
By Humphrey Mtandwa Jun. 2, 2024

Pharisees, liberals and liars: The UMC’s battle for faith

While, as expected, many at this point have questions, with the main being, “How did we get here?”, and then, “What should we do about it?” — we cannot go silently into the night.
By Kelvin Chitowo and Haggai Muchapondwa May. 30, 2024

DivineInsight: Can a christian be possessed by a demon?

But as for   a Christian, a born-again Christian, a demon cannot  possess their spirit.
By Humphrey Mtandwa May. 26, 2024

Hebrew scriptures: Not in God’s name

Islam has long been associated with violence, and savagery was usually
By Rabbi Yitzhak Zweig May. 19, 2024